Role Call
Understand Your Business.
Role Call provides the perfect starting point for your company's organizational structure. Forget all the confusion and focus on what matters: your teams, your people, and what they do.
Features You'll Adore
Manage Your Roles
Easy-to-see, visual way to see who is playing the roles in your company.
Painless Subscriptions
Use it when you need it; leave it when you're done.
Two-Factor Security
Two-factor authentication so that your employees are protected.
Governance Support
Go through the governance process with proposals and Town Hall meetings with live updating.
Taxonomize Your Staff
Organize and find by skill set, passion, or employment status.
Save Weeks Of Work
See trends in where time is spent and how spread your resource are.
What Our Customers Say
Role Call gives me an easy way to keep track of what my commitments are to my colleagues.
Mark Horlbeck
Senior Engineer, CauseLabs